Your Arrival into Cozumel

Upon your exit of the secured area,  you will be met by people lined up stating they are travel advisors,  walk right past them, they are time share sales people

If you have never flown into Cozumel, you will discover that transportation to your hotel and dive shop is performed by one vendor. Before the exit to the airport, you will find a small window where you can purchase a ticket for a ride in the white SUV’s parked outside the doors of the airport.  

When purchasing your fare, tell the agent you wish to go to Papa Hogs SCUBA.  If he/she does not understand your intended destination, simply tell them you wish to purchase a fare to the Villa Blanca Hotel.  Papa Hogs is the 2nd building  to the south of Villa Blanca Hotel.

If you are arriving by way of Cancun,  you will have to take a taxi or bus to Playa Del Carmen (approx one hour), where you will catch the passenger ferry over to Cozumel.  (approx 45 minutes).  Once off the ferry at the end of the pier on the left side will be a taxi stand.

Mike and Margaret