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     Scuba Emporium

                  Cozumel, Mexico


Great Beach Location - Daily Two Tank Dives - Fast Boats - 6 to 8 Divers Max - No Cattle Boats - Shore Diving - Hotel / Diving Packages - Scuba Instruction - Snorkeling - Equipment Rental - Snuba - Restaurant / Bar - Mama Hog's Scuba Boutique ------------

At Home in Cozumel
Vacation homes, Villas, or Condo Rentals.

Hog Town Motel

Travel Notes
Lots of Cozumel information and a super chat board.

360 Photos of Papa Hog's


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7 Nights / 5 Dive Days


Per Person, Year Round

Includes: Accommodations, Taxes, Breakfast at Hog Town Cafe Daily,

2 Tanks per Dive Day on Papa Hog's small fast 6 Pack Boats

We have single room, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom unit,

that we can mix and match.

Same price for single, double or triple.

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1 Bedroom

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2 Bedroom

The Penthouse

Inquire on price

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SPECIALITY TRIPS: Diving - Fishing - Snorkeling or a combo of any. Ask us for the details.

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A heavy breather,   Eh?   We'll help you fix that problem!

Call us Toll Free from the U.S. or Canada:

1- 877- 389- 3629

Contact us direct by Phone-Fax-Email:

Cozumel Tele. 011- 52- 987- 872- 1651 Cozumel Fax 011- 52- 987- 872- 4465

E-mail papahogs@ecozumel.net


Your E-mails are Important to us.
Cozumel seems to experience many phone line / ISP problems. When such times occur, we either don't receive your e-mail on a timely basis or are unable to respond quickly. To help us curb some of these problems.  Please include your Name, Telephone Number, and the best times for us to call.   Gracias, Mike and Margaret

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